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COVID, as of August 2020

COVID.....August 2020

Covid's been a part of our life since at least April of this year. It's something no one, who wasn't an infectious disease expert, ever saw coming. A brand new virus that has been more contagious and more deadly than anything else we have ever dealt with in our lifetime. It's a world wide problem that is not going away any time soon as far as I can see.

I am an OB GYN and have been working throughout this pandemic. I can tell you some good news is that Covid does not seem to pass from mother to baby. But if pregnant moms get this, they are more likely to get more severe disease because of their immune suppression with pregnancy. It's the same reason we encourage all pregnant women to get flu vaccines during flu season. And if a pregnant mom gets Covid near delivery, she won't be able to take care or even get near her baby without exposing it to Covid as well.

I have taken care of a number of patients who are either suspected of possible Covid or actually have laboratory proven Covid. It's part of my life, but that doesn't mean it doesn't scare me. It does. It is frustrating that I, and all medical caregivers, are literally putting our lives on the line every day and yet there are so many people who do not feel it necessary to wear a mask. Wearing a mask is our only hope of keeping cases down. It's not perfect, but there have been multiple studies that confirm that wearing a mask absolutely decreases Covid cases.

It works best if EVERYONE wears a mask. Old and young, family members or not. There is no shame in wearing a mask. It is a badge of honor. Those who wear a mask honor their life and the lives of those around them. I can tell you that is does not restrict oxygen and it is possible to wear one for long periods of time. I do it every day. I do know that it takes a while to get used to, but it's very possible and is a small price to pay to potentially save lives and decrease the number of overall cases. It needs to be our new normal. Until we get a vaccine. Let's keep our fingers crossed that a vaccine will be here the meantime, go to ETSY and pick up a few masks!!