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2021 Resolution-- Waste Free

I am not a young girl. When I was growing up sodas were in glass bottles and no one bought water. But as the decades have gone by, I too was swept up by the ease of disposables and plastics. But this life of convenience comes at a price. Our price has been landfills that have run out of room and oceans full of plastic. Being realistic, we will never get rid of all of the plastic we use. It is much too cheap, universally available and user friendly. But as socially conscious consumers we must make every effort to limit it's use whenever we can. It if for this reason that I have chosen to make all the products I make as ecologically sound as possible. This is a picture of my shower. Of course I only use my own products!! I have bathsoap (in the soap bag), facial soap, shampoo, conditioner and bath oil ..... and the only plastic is the resuable sprayer! Shouldn't you consider a "waste free resolution'' for 2021??